Raw Dishes (Deep Fried) Product Preparation Guide

Cooking Guide for Raw Dishes (Deep Fried)
(Salted Egg/Buttermilk/Mongolia/Rib King/Sweet&Sour)





  1. 可提前一天从冰箱冷冻层,放入冷藏层进行解冻。或直接把产品放入水中快速解冻。
  2. 烹调方法:
    1. 在锅中倒入适量食用油,加热至170至180摄氏度
    2. 分开放入解冻好的肉块,避免肉块粘在一起,炸至金黄色(鸡肉块大约4分钟)(猪肉块大约3至4分钟)
    3. 取出炸好的肉块装盘备用
    4. 把解冻好的酱汁倒入锅中,加热至沸腾
      1. 加热好的酱汁另外装盘,用炸好的肉块沾酱汁吃
      2. 或直接把加热好的酱汁,淋在炸好的肉块上即可享用

Cooking Guide:

*all packaging “non microwave”, please transfer food to microwave heat able container if necessary.

*Fully thaw before reheat

  1. Transfer product from freezer to refrigerator 1 day earlier, or thaw product with packaging in warm water.
  2. Reheat method
    1. Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pot and heat it to 170 to 180 degrees Celsius
    2. Put the thawed meat pieces separately to avoid sticking together, and fry until golden brown (chicken pieces about 4 minutes) (pork pieces about 3 to 4 minutes)
    3. Take out the fried meat pieces and set aside
    4. Pour the thawed sauce into the pan and heat it to boiling
    5. Add the fried meat to the boiling sauce, stir fry gently until the meat is absorbed and coated with the sauce, then serve on a plate
      1. Or Serve the sauce separately, Dip sauce as you like