Wholesales 500 Order Guide

批发下单步骤教程 Wholesales Order Guide

1.点击右上角的人像图案,然后点击Login 进行登录
   Click icon on top right corner, click on Login


2. 填写登录电邮和输入密码,登录后可以打开以下“批发商品列表”链接,进行快速进货列表

Fill up email address and password, after logged in, click on "Stock Order List" below to access wholesales purchase list
(Stock Order List)


3. 点击想要购入的商品可以打开种类列表,列表里选择需要的份量和种类
    Click on product, open up drop down list, to select product variants and size


4. 选择所需份量,种类和数量, 然后点选"ADD TO CART"添加入购物车
    Select product size, variants and quantity needed, then click "ADD TO CART" 


5. 点击右上角购物车可以查看已经添加入购物车的商品
    Click cart icon on top right corner to view product added to cart


6. 如果已经添加好需要的商品,点击“CHECKOUT” 进入运输和结算步骤
    If all product needed add to cart, Click "CHECKOUT" process to shipping arrange and payment step


7. 在Coupon Code 栏位里,填写公司提供的coupon code“ xxxx ”并按“APPLY”,得到批发折扣
    Fill in specify coupon code provided by company "xxxx" in Coupon Code Column, then click on "APPLY" to apply wholesales discount


8. 页面会显示已成功使用“折扣”, 选择“PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” 进行结算
    The page will prompt Discount "success" applied, Click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT"


9. 填写完整地址, 或选择 "Please Select An Existing Address" 打开已经存储的地址列表。选择地址后,点击“Continue to shipping method”
Fill up new shipping address or select "Please Select An Existing Address" to use saved address. Then click " Continue to shipping method"


10. 点击 “Continue” 继续下一个步骤
      Click "Continue" to process to next step


11. 选择付款方式(批发订单只接受TnGo E-wallet 或 汇款到公司银行账户), 打勾同意网站规则与条例,然后点选“Place Your Order” 提交订单,汇款单据请WhatsApp 到+60178892767或Emaill到 ljfoodexpress@gmail.com
Select payment method (wholesales orders accept only TnGo E-Wallet or Transfer to Company Bank Account)
 Tick to agree websites Terms & Conditions, then click "Place Your Order" to submit order. Please send payment receipt to WhatsApp +60178892767 or Email to ljfoodexpress@gmail.com